January 15, 2009

ASUS LS221H LCD Monitor

ASUS is a big name in the world of IT. There's no gamer or enthusiast who hasn't heard this name. The company specializes in designing high performance computer components and peripherals which are aimed to please gamers and overclockers. Although many of it's products emphasize power over fashion, the company still takes care of it's fashionistas by developing elegant computer peripherals.

As part of the company's slim line LCD monitors, the LS221H comes to impress even the most fashion careless geeks. The device comes with a hard Sapphire protection glass for scratch resistant surface. Bellow the display area you can find a soft leather panel for aesthetics sake. As said, the device is part of the slim line and is as thick as a regular fashion magazine. The mix of hard sapphire and soft genuine leather is used to emphasize the luxurious nature of the display.

The monitor base also adds to the fashion concept, by integrating a circular ring of light with five lighting effects which are designed to please the eye without straining it.