January 15, 2009

Five Device Recharging Station

As the number of portable devices most users carry with them on a daily basis has seriously increased over the past few years, the need for charging devices that will be able to power a larger number of handhelds in the same time has also become more dire. And that's exactly the type of device we'll talk about as follows, namely the Five Device Recharging Station, presented starting with the first half of 2008, a device that can put an end to all the user's recharging-related worries.

Thus, the recharging platform stores and powers up to five devices from one convenient place via four integrated AC ports and two USB ports with surge supressors. The system draws power from a standard wall outlet and has an integrated surge protector rated at 1,080 joules that thwarts lightning or power spikes up to 6,000 volts and 72,000 amps.