January 15, 2009

Drink Light Bottle Cooler

To host a party that makes an impression is a difficult task; if you go the wrong way you could make completely the wrong impression! The decor you choose is a great way to create an ambiance or setting for your guests. Having your everyday lamp sat in the corner unfortunately doesn't quite cut the mustard when it comes to exciting talking points!

Shining like a beacon into the sometimes unfriendly world of contemporary design, the Drink Light Bottle Cooler offers a great alternative way to light up people's mood and at the same time display chilled bottles for parties.

Sat like a giant wine glass, the Drink Light Bottle Cooler illuminates your room with a comfortable ambiance, and has a deep bucket perfect for filling with ice and a few bottles of your favorite tipple.

This innovative illuminating champagne bucket is perfect for large events and parties. It includes energy saving bulb (1 x E27 – Max25W), sporting a solid polyethylene construction.