January 30, 2009

Pocket Telescope/Microscope

If you’re a major science geek and have finally come to the point when you want to get out of the lab, you might want this Pocket Telescope/Microscope. Then when you’re out roaming the world, if you happen to come across anything tiny and interesting, you’ll always have your microscope handy. It will also be great for when you’re star gazing, but don’t want to have to drag out the full telescope. Sometimes it’s better to keep things minimal.

You’ll never have to leave your geeky scientific curiosity at home. This little telescope/microscope could easily fit into your pocket. Although the microscope part does require an extra attachment, making the microscope part a little more bulky to carry around. The whole thing has a hard-shell case to make sure it stays clean and protected. It measures 5” but with the microscope attachment it’s 7 and 1/2”. You can pick it up for $27.50 on Lee Valley & veritas.

Source: RGS