February 1, 2009

Robot Money Box

Considering the fragile state of the economy these days, it is probably good to start saving money. Sure, you could use an old-fashioned piggy bank, but technology always gives us an electrical alternative.

This is where the Robot Money Box comes in. When you put money in the bank, it can actually keep track of how much you put in. I’m not certain how it does this. I doubt it has advanced sensors or anything. Perhaps it can somehow counts as you put it your coins or dollars in.

Another feature that makes the Robot Money box different from your average piggy bank is that it praises you for saving money. Not only that, but you can make target goals for saving, and it will encourage you for making them.

There is one other feature that my source and the Product Page are very vague about. Apparently, the Robot Money Box “may even try to stop you if you try to take anything out”.

So what does that mean? These robots will hold our money? Do you know what this means? If there was ever a Terminator situation where these machines came to life, they will already have our money. We are looking at a technological economic depression/apocalypse here.

Well, if you’re not worried about Judgment Day, feel free to purchase the Robot Money Box at the Gadgets.co.uk site for about £24.95.