February 4, 2009

Diana F + Mr. Pink Camera

Diana F + Mr. Pink Camera

If you’re one of the photographers that still strongly prefers film, you should check out the Diana F + Mr. Pink. I’m not sure why they insisted upon naming the camera that, but they did nonetheless. To top things off, the camera comes in a startlingly bright pink. Which although some pink products do annoy me, this one actually wears the pink quite well. Overall the camera has a fun look and the photographs it takes are also just as interesting.

The pictures feature a soft focus, ultra-dreamy look, which will add a fun spin to even the most ordinary of photographs. If you have gotten used to digital cameras, it might prove obnoxious for a little while to adapt to having film developed again. Then again, I used to actually have my pictures developed far more when I did own a camera with film. Now my pictures just rot within my external hard drive. The camera uses 35mm film and clicks 12 and 16 shot format frames. These are limited to online and probably won’t have a lot that will be in stock. You can keep an eye out for this camera to come out later this Spring.

Source: Gizmodiva