January 16, 2009

Space Invaders Piggy Bank

If ‘you’re looking to save up a little change, this is definitely the best way to do it. This Space Invaders themed piggy bank features the classic tabletop look. It’s done so well because the creators, Takara Tomy, are also responsible for the tabletop Space Invaders Game. It even has an LCD screen on the top that counts out your coins in true Space Invaders style.

When you add 100 yen ($1), another Space Invader pops on the screen to add to the tally. Then if you’re ever curious how much money is in the bank, you can plainly see. Of course that might make things a little more difficult to save the money. Having it sitting there and knowing exactly how much cash you’d have to spend could be torture. Once you get up to a certain amount, the Space Invaders max out. Which is about time to either put the money in your bank account, or go shopping for a new toy gadget. This is a Japanese product, so it’s a bit harder for those of us in the rest of the world to obtain it. However, it’s still a fun piggy bank to drool over.