January 12, 2009

Smart-Leaf by Originatic

One of the better products is the Smart-Leaf by Originatic. The Smart-Leaf is a Wi-Fi enabled computer that mounts on the wall. It is made for both business and the home, and has a fold-down keyboard.

The Smart-Leaf comes in two forms: the Oasis and the Mountain. The Oasis has a Standard keyboard with a touchpad control, and the Mountain has a stainless steel keyboard with a trackball controller.

Other features include an integrated 3 Megapixel webcam, a 4 in 1 card reader, an Audio out, plus six USB ports! As for the other specs, it has an Intel Celeron M processor, and type DDR2 Dual Channel of memory. It contains 1GB of memory with a maximum of 4GB. As for the hard drive, the user has the option of 80GB, 250GB, 500GB, or 1TB.

Even though the Smart-Leaf looks perfect for a business kiosk, I believe that the Smart-Leaf is ahead of the game when it comes to household computing. I think that every house needs some sort of central station by the door or kitchen where family members can log in and check email and other web activities.

The Smart-Leaf is ready to purchase on the Originatic website, and you can check there for the prices.