January 17, 2009

Over the recent couple of years, we've come across quite a few gadgets designed especially to allow users to keep track of their belongings even in the most horrid of messes. However, most of them came from little-known companies, but that's not at all the case with the product you're about to see as follows, namely the Nokia Locate Sensor, which has just made its under-the-radar debut at this year's International CES.

Developed by engineers working at Nokia's own Research Center, the Locate Sensor is not exactly a device per se, but rather a service, which allows users to find things they've lost or make sure that they don't lose them in the first place. As our colleagues from Electricpig (who've managed to have a hands-on experience with this thing at CES) inform us, the system is formed of a Locate Sensor tag, which can be attached to pretty much any type of device one might think of, plus an application running on a Nokia mobile phone that supports up to 100 items.