January 27, 2009

The Sierra is the flagship model that aims to offer the most powerful and complete out-of-box GPS experience available, while the Safari is one versatile navigator that is suitable not only for sailing the high seas but for other outdoor adventures as well, and last but not least would be the Outback that sets a new standard in ease of use without breaking the bank in these economically challenging times. All three models are touted to offer best-in-class pre-loaded and aftermarket map content and compatibility with open community content (this is interesting as custom applications can be done up by fans).

Shared features among all three include a range of preloaded maps and the ability to expand its usefulness and memory thanks to a microSDHC memory card slot that is able to hold another 32GB of storage space, letting you store more photos, MP3s and even maps to tote around. Some of the pre-loaded content include Intermap’s Accuterra mapping, extensive outdoor trail networks and Points of Interest. That is not all as the NAVTEQ road network for the contiguous 48 states with an upgrade option on Sierra and Safari for full-featured turn-by-turn navigation are also thrown in for good measure. Optional Fishing Hot Spots and other national and international map content are available too, if you’re looking out to hit the motherlode on the seven seas.

The Lowrance Endura Sierra, Safari and Outback GPS devices will retail for $549.99, $384.99 and $229.99, respectively, when they’re available this May. Image courtesy of Richard Lee Merrit.

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