January 16, 2009

Don’t you hate it that taxes are more often than not added in to the listed price, letting us end up with a deluge of extra coins which are a pain to carry around? Well, in case you’ve obtained a relatively large amount of loose change over the weeks (and in the coming year to boot) and find it a chore to sort them out, why not let the High Capacity Digital Coin Sorter do it for you?

This coin-sorting machine allows you to load up to 800 coins into the collection tray at once and automatically sorts them into the correct coin wrappers. The 26-rpm motor sorts 312 quarters, dimes, nickels, or pennies per minute, allowing you to count up to $70.00 in coins before reloading with new coin wrappers. You can preload 16 coin wrappers (four for each denomination) into the coin tubes and the machine automatically slides the next coin tube and wrapper under the coin slot when the preceding tube is filled. A digital screen displays the number of each coin denomination counted and the total monetary amount in dollars and cents. U.S. coins only.